While several (hundreds) variations of the Cinderella tale exist, they move around the same idea that may well have originated in classical antiquity.

The idea of a character (a she, a he, a person or a animal), fighting her unfair situation (sometimes violently, other times more peacefully), and trying to recover/find her loved one.

While the resolution of the tale might vary in success or failure, the lesson to be learn is that even when we don’t achieve what we wanted at the beginning of our journey, we should keep believing, and having faith that our dreams might come true… eventually.

At first sight our Sintel have a tragic lesson and a pretty sad resolution. Yet after watching the movie so many times and read about Cinderella tale I think I found what really Sintel team intended by finishing the movie so sad: Opening A Door .

A door for discussions, a door for new endings, a door for new versions, a door for new tales. As Cinderella tale have hundreds of variants and endings Sintel should have them too!

From my point of view, ED and BBB are finished tales, and no one would really want to create new versions from them. Things are completely different in Sintel. People want to modify it, enhance it, gave it a happy ending….

And if that is the intention, I think Colin Levy have a great success: His movie started a spark in several of us that believe Sintel should have a second change, a redemption:

Even is we cannot model/sculpt/animate them as good a Sintel team, we should do something: We should get the sources and give the Sintel the touch, the final we believe she deserves.

And somehow this is the start of our journey, just like Sintel’s, we might succeed, or fail, but we should not stop, we should have faith in us.

I invite all of you who like me think Sintel should have a variant (a happier one), to contact me, and keep in touch.

Please let me know your thoughts,
Have a great day, my contact is l3c_lara(at)


About wisdomsage

Ingeniero en sistema, Graduado del ITCR en 2007, Actualmente laboro en Avantica Technologies.
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