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Ingeniero en sistema, Graduado del ITCR en 2007, Actualmente laboro en Avantica Technologies.

Animación de Araña Mecánica

Saludos esta es otra animación que realicé

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3DMagix and IllusionMage, scam or open source leeches?

Just doing my small part to help prevent people from being scammed by these Blender rip-offs: 3DMagix, 3DMagixPro, IllusionMage scam

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Blendswap files

My list of blendswap models Lego Car Racer Lego Racer: Speed Chasing Lego Police car 8152 Lego Truck 4838 Lego Truck 4838 – Secundary Models Lego Raid VPR Cake / Queque Drumset

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While several (hundreds) variations of the Cinderella tale exist, they move around the same idea that may well have originated in classical antiquity. The idea of a character (a she, a he, a person or a animal), fighting her unfair … Continue reading

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Magic Water Effect

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Short 3D Lego car animation

This is my new animation made with blender. It is a lego car animation. Please enjoy. LC

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Space Station Animation

This is a space station animation I made.

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